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Inmates In Some States Are Now Being Executed With the Same Cocktail Used to Send Your Dog Fluffy to “The Farm”

Prison inmates in Texas, South Carolina, Oklahoma and Ohio will now get that calm, painless death that awaits all the good animals whose owners have gotten tired of them. The DEA is not only seizing the booger sugar from your mothers underwear drawer, but are now taking the supplies of sodium thiopental because prisons are getting them overseas illegally.

They’ve decided to use the same drug used to euthanize pets, which gave me another great idea for our countries prison system. If we outfit every prisoner with those cones around their heads prison murder rates would drop drastically, because let’s face it, you can’t shank what you can’t see.

I don’t see what the big deal is, because I’m a pretty humane person when it comes to capital punishment and instead of wasting money on an alternative drug I say we just deal with inmates on death row like the animals who shit on my lawn…with a shovel.

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